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My story

I finally got my degree in cosmetology in 2007, I felt like I’ve finally achieved my goals and from then on I can finally do what I’ve been wanting ever since I was a little girl.

By then, I graduated as health prevention teacher - which my parents insisted vto, but I always felt that my journey led me into the magic world of luxury cosmetics.


In 2013 I finally started working in Germany as a Beautician, by then I took a number of courses and training, even now continuously upskilling myself. As the Hungarian Representative of TattooMed, I was given an excellent challenge from fate, in which I can also take advantage of my previous theoretical and practical knowledge.


As a representative of TattooMed in Hungary, I received a new, excellent challenge from fate, in which I can use the theoretical and practical knowledge I had acquired up to that point. 

Of course, I continued  training myself in the cosmetology branch and I have still practised.

Model's Lower Face

My mission

There is a lot steady revolution of novelty and information in the world of beauty cosmetics, which makes the job difficult because not everything can be processed and learned at once, we have to find the best solution for us.


I hope I can help you orientate in this increasingly colorful and wonderful beauty world.

Let's find the right treatment for your skin type together, and you can enjoy the perfect

Gorgeous results!


We all know , how much our skin suffers daily Let me make you feel like a queen!


The harmony of body and soul is essential, let me pamper you, and give you a moment of peace.

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