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PMU Powderbrows

PowderBrows is an eyebrow shading technique done with a permanent makeup machine. A combination of dots and shades is used to create a very natural, soft powder and pixel effect. In contrast to conventional permanent make-up, the PowderBrows technique uses a special shading technique to build up the eyebrows.


With the PowderBrows technique, areas with a soft or darker color, which varies in transparency, are filled in or thickened. Unlike creating microblading hairlines from scratch to cover bald or thin areas, the application of thousands of tiny pigment dots that are gradually introduced into the skin ensures that there are no hard edges and shading makes the look a little softer.


I am at your disposal at any time for further questions or information.

The result lasts up to two years, depending on the skin type, it is also very suitable for rather oily skin.



  • hemophilia

  • diabetes

  • hepatitis

  • Skin disorders

  • Eczema

  • blood thinning drugs

  • pregnancy

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • acute cardiovascular problems

Treatment duration 2 hours.

CHF 490.00.-
including follow-up treatment approx. 60 minutes after 4-6 weeks





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